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Am I a Latte Pappa?

And are there more Latte Pappas in Northern Ireland than you might think?

I only came across the term quite recently myself. It originated in Sweden and primarily referred to fathers who were able to spend more time with their kids, due to the forward thinking parental leave laws.  Dads could be spotted out in the cafe's with their kids, while the mums were back at work. It was part of a wider strategy to promote both parents taking a more active role in parenting. Now, I don't really care for latte, but I love a flat white!

When I was still at work, I found taking parental leave a battle, despite some recent improvements in our own legislation. There seemed to be no importance placed on family life. When I booked a third week of unpaid leave for each of my children's births, I was practically vilified- despite the option being protected in law. The first time my manager said I had to approach all my co-workers and ask their 'permission' to take the leave that should…

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Top 5 Crime Fiction Related Songs

-There are so many to choose from- you could do a top 100 with Nick Cave alone!
-Here are my faves- what are yours?

5. Mack the Knife Bobby Darin

"Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth dear." 

You can trace versions of the song back to 1928, but the most well known versions would be from Bobby Darin or Frank Sinatra. It's a dark tale and it is really an unusual song to have been such a hit over the years. Check out the gravelly and stripped down Mark Lanegan cut from his Imitations album.

4. San Quentin Johnny Cash

"I think I understand a little bit how you feel about some things,
It's none of my business how you feel about some other things,
And I don't give a damn about how you feel about some other things."

So said Cash when introducing his new song to the world and to the inmates within San Quentin. This is my pick over the likes of Folsom Prison Blues, mostly because of this recording. You can hear the tension and the electricity when he sings, "San Que…

BONGO FURY New Novella Excerpt and Trailer

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(Warning- contains bad language!)

To my surprise, I actually had a few customers early on. They all spent less than a tenner, but cash is cash. The morning was uneventful and I closed up for an hour at lunch and went round to ‘The Diner’ cafĂ©’. They did an amazing Ulster fry and chips. Two fucking plates full! Anyway, when I got back to the shop, I found the door ajar and the shitty lock had been broken off. I couldn’t see anyone inside, as I eased in around the door, my fists ready. Two men then casually sauntered out from my back room.
“Hello Jimmy,” leered the first one. He was around my age, thinning on top, a thin face and a thin smile. The second was about twenty, still a little puffy faced and puffed up with youth. He had an earring, but …